How to Check Coolant Levels

Coolant Car Check

If you aren’t sure or are wondering, “What is coolant?” This is the fluid that helps regulate the temperature of your engine blocks and parts by transferring the heat as you navigate Stephenville roads. Whether you drive a newor used car, the engine coolant is one of the most crucial fluids. Engine coolant has an additive that ensures that it won’t go below 32˚ Fahrenheit and that it won’t exceed 212˚ Fahrenheit. Keep reading to learn more about checking coolant levels and when to change it with Bayer Motor Company! 



Checking Coolant Levels: What to Look For 

Checking coolant levels is actually pretty simple, and doesn’t require that you open the radiator. Instead, take a look at the markings on the side of the reservoir. When the liquid reaches the “full” marking line, everything is sufficient. If the coolant is below this mark, remove the radiator cap and add the coolant or a 50/50 mix of coolant/water (you can check your owners manual for the right mixture). The bottle will also let you know if it’s premixed. It’s also a good idea to inspect the hoses connected to the radiator for any leaks or damage. 

Note: If you’re adding more liquid to the cooling system, be sure the engine has cooled, and do not attempt to open the radiator cap while the engine is hot. 

Changing & Checking Coolant Level: When to See a Service Technician 

Coolant is thinner than oil but thicker than water. If you observe a sludgy appearance to the liquid, you’ll want to schedule your service appointment ASAP. This is a sign that your car has an internal gasket leak. While driving is possible, a leaking gasket will drain the coolant quickly, and put the vehicle at risk of overheating and being severely damaged. 

Changing Coolant Level

Coolant levels naturally deplete over time, so it’s a good idea to check the cooling system every three to six months, and when you come for your regular service. Typically, the liquid is blue, green, yellow, or red. If it’s brownish or even colorless, flush the system and replace the fluid. 

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