How Much to Replace Brake Pads

Mechanic Adjusting Brake Pad

Your brakes are your first line of defense on the roads and highways around Stephenville, so ensuring they are in tip-top condition is of the utmost importance. Routinely replacing your brake pads, especially according to the work and your driving habits is crucial. This may leave you wondering, how much does it cost to replace brake pads? The service experts at Bayer Motor Company put together the information so you can get an idea of how much it will cost for this routine service. Learn more about replacing your Chevy brake pads with Bayer Motor Company today.



How Much Does it Cost to Replace Chevy Brake Pads?

Depending on the type of vehicle, the cost of replacing your brake pads will vary. On average, brake pad replacements can cost about $150 per axle. However, the prices can range between $100 to $300 per axle. Less expensive brake pads are usually made from organic materials, while the higher-priced composite brake pads are made from rugged materials like metal. The benefit of these more expensive options is they offer greater heat resistance and less brake fade with routine use. It’s also a good idea to keep in mind that prices can vary by dealership and location. Give us a call at (325) 356-2541 for a quote on a brake pad replacement for your Buick, Chevrolet, GMC car, truck or SUV!

Brakes vs. Brake Pads: What’s the Difference?

Often the terms “brakes” and “brake pads” are used interchangeably, however, there’s a clear difference between the two:

  • Brakes refer to the brake system as a whole, and this includes the brake pads, rotors, discs, calipers, master cylinder, lines, and, if you drive an older vehicle, brake drums.
  • Brake pads are a crucial element of the brake system as they apply pressure to the brake rotors or discs to bring the vehicle to a stop.

How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

When you are raising the question, “how much to replace brake pads?” you’ll want to know that they will last you awhile. Luckily, the average lifespan for brake pads is between 40,000 to 50,000 miles. Like any part of your vehicle, your driving habits can extend or reduce that lifespan. If you are frequently slamming the brakes, especially with a trailer in tow, you’re putting additional strain on the brake pads. If you coast to a stop as often as you can and avoid slamming on the brakes, it’s likely that your car’s brake pads will last much longer.

When to Replace Your Brake Pads

Your car will pretty quickly inform you if your brake pads are in need of replacement. Keep an eye out for the signs below, and schedule a service appointmentat Bayer Motor Company when it comes time to replace your brake pads:

  • The brakes are making a squealing or squeaking sound
  • Brake pedal vibrates
  • The brake pads are less than 1/4 inch thick
  • The indicator light turns on
  • Grinding metal sound

Replace Your Chevy Brakes at Bayer Motor Company

If you notice a strange squeaking sound when you’re braking or the brake light is illuminated on your dashboard, then it may be time for you to replace your brake pads. If you have any questions about our brake services or how to use our Buick, Chevrolet, GMC service coupons, feel free to contact us today.


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