How To Increase Fuel Efficiency in Comanche

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If you’re like most Stephenville drivers, then you are likely looking for new ways to conserve fuel while running errands. Many Buick, Chevrolet, GMC vehicles are fuel efficient by nature, however, there are still things you can do to make sure your vehicle is humming for as long as possible. We at Bayer Motor Company near Stephenville have a wide range of fuel-efficient driving tips that can help you learn how to improve fuel economy wherever you go. Be sure to check those out, and rely on our service center if you need an oil change.



5 Tips for Being a Fuel-Conscious Driver

Whether you’re heading to work in Brownwood or heading for a weekend getaway, there are many reasons to learn how to improve fuel economy. Here are five fuel-efficient driving tips that you can apply with us at Bayer Motor Company:

  1. Accelerate Softly: Press the gas pedal gently; the harder you press, the more fuel you end up burning. A way to avoid that is to accelerate smoothly and be sure to take five seconds to bring your vehicle from 10 mph to a standstill.
  2. Plan Ahead for Traffic: Sitting and stop-and-go traffic is highly inefficient and can cause a strain on your vehicle’s drivetrain when you are driving through Granbury. In order to avoid rush hour, make sure to strategize a plan so that you can avoid stop-and-go traffic like leaving 15 minutes early or trying to find a shortcut to reach your destination without inconvenience.
  3. Avoid High Speeds: Cars use more fuel when traveling at higher speeds. Make sure you are driving somewhere inbetween 55 to 65 mph as long as you are meeting the speed limit.
  4. Coast to a Stop: Rather than applying your brakes constantly, be sure to look ahead so that you don’t end up abruptly starting and stopping. Rather, allow your vehicle to coast to a stop. When you are on hills, be sure to reduce your speed as you venture uphill, and then use the car’s forward momentum to coast downhill.
  5. Use AC at Highway Speeds: Car AC does require gas, so use it sparingly when you’re traveling around town. On the highways, using your vehicle’s AC is actually more efficient than rolling down the window because opening the window increases the drag coefficient.

Find a Fuel-Efficient Buick, Chevrolet, GMC for Sale in Comanche!

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